Lydian Chromatic Concept of Tonal Organization

The first publication of LCCOTO (1953) demonstrated that there is a scale which sounds in closest unity with the harmonic genre of any traditionally definable chord. This scale is termed the PARENT SCALE of a chord.

Sound both of the following chords separately. Try to detect the one which sounds a greater degree of unity and finality with its tonical C major triad:

In tests performed over the years in various parts of the world, the majority of people have repeatedly chosen the second chord - the C Lydian Scale in its tertian order.

The first chord is the C major scale in its tertian order.

The Lydian Scale represents an ascending order of six intervals of a fifth. The tonic of an interval of a fifth is its lower tone. The tonic of a series of six intervals of a fifth is its lowermost tone. The lowermost tone of a ladder of six consecutive fifths is termed the LYDIAN TONIC.

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"Congratulations on the work contained in Volume 1. Russell's insight into the "vertical now" that occurs in music has been totally liberating. Having been a musician and a student of music for over forty years, I can say without hesitation that this is the finest work I've ever run across. The Concept is a glimpse into the future of music, and progressive music schools will require it in the coming years."
Mike Delaney