Chord Progression/Analysis/Creation

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Chord Progression/Analysis/Creation

Postby ecsmix » Sun Feb 12, 2017 9:54 pm

Hi guys,

I was wondering if someone could help me apply the concept to understand some chord progressions better in order to create some on my own, using the logic of LCC.

There is an earlier thread with this example:

"Wave" progression, D Maj 7- Bb dim 7 - A min 7 - D7b9 - Gmaj7 - Gm6

DMaj7 (D Lydian scale first degree)
Bb dim (Bb lydian first degree in the form of an auxiliary dimished scale)
Am7 (C lydian scale VI degree)
D7b9 (C lydian scale II degree in the form of a Lydian dimished scale)
Gmaj7 (G Lydian scale first degree)
Gm6 ( Bb lydian VI degree)

I saw somewhere in the forum, a good way to analyse the progression would be using the scales.

So the progression would be: D - Bb - C - C - G - Bb, how can I use this logic creating my own progressions/compositions?

On D7b9 could I use:
(+V) Ab auxiliary dimished ,
(I) D Lydian
(VII) Eb auxiliary dimished
(II) C auxiliary dimished

What would be the best choice if the next chord is Gmaj7 then Gm6.

Which of those options resolves better to Gmaj7 and G lydian scale?

How would you come up with a chord progression like this using LCC?

Where in the book can I learn more about this?

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Re: Chord Progression/Analysis/Creation

Postby sandywilliams » Mon Feb 13, 2017 10:12 pm

I think the best way to learn about progressions and create chord progressions is to study tunes. Go get a stack of fake books and study the harmonic schemes of tunes.
If you want to experiment with the Concept, assign different Modal Genres to Lydian Tonics. In your analysis of Wave, you have the Lydian Tonics....try using different chords. For instance make the first chord a VI (Bmi) or G#mi7b5 (+IV), etc....
Now make a new melody.
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Re: Chord Progression/Analysis/Creation

Postby ecsmix » Tue Feb 14, 2017 9:19 am

Hi Sandy,

Thanks for your reply.

Let's see if I understand correctly.

More options for the Dmaj7 chord:

Options(Chart A): Ih = D Lyd
IIh = C Lyd
Vh = G lyd

Now I have three scales to choose from, as primery scale, more ingoing scale, since is the more ingoing scale will have the more ingoing chords based on that scale, make sense?

Using Chart A, G Lydian scale chordmodes , Let's use the +IV on G lydian, that would be C#, on +IV we have a chord mode min7b5.

If we use that chord, C#min7b5 to reharm the Dmaj7, with the melody note A, we have a A9.

Could I use, the Lydian Diminished scale, now using C lydian @ the VI degree, with chordmode min7b5 = Amin7b5?

Can I use this logic?

The way I analysed and found the chords are correct?

What do you think?

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